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Science based training protocols to elevate athletic performance.

What we do

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IHK Sports Performance Training provides a cutting edge training experience for elite professional athletes. Our science based protocols and training techniques elevate athletic performance, strength, explosiveness, speed, agility, power, flexibility and recovery. These components are what we strive to achieve for improved sport specific performance.

IHK Training / Sports Science

Cutting edge science from Institute For Human Kinetics offers the best in integrated support from athletic training and blood lactate profiling to accelerated injury recovery and physical therapy all inclusive to help professional and elite athletes maximize their physical performance. These programs focus on building strength, explosiveness, power, speed, quickness and flexibility with sport specific work/rest ratio conditioning tailored to each sport and athlete; with an emphasis on creating greater ROM, mobility and flexibility to decrease injury potential. As a professional athlete, you're challenged every day to perform at the highest levels against the best competition in the world. Being prepared physically and mentally is essential to gain a competitive edge and enjoy a long, productive career. We offer integrated services supported by a team of specialists and have produced many of the top athletes in multiple Olympic sports, the NFL, UFC, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, Rugby, Track & Field, and the X Games.

Our Mission Statement

IHK's innovative programs are designed to meet the needs of tomorrows athlete, an athlete who seeks an edge over the competition. We combine the ever evolving field of exercise science research through practical application of advanced training teqniques. With state of the art equipment and a multi-dicplinary team of leaders in thier respective fields; bringing a wealth of unique theories in athletic performance and the bio-energetic conditioning arena. From performance related DNA testing and genetic profiling to nutritional anthropology, we use cutting-edge science to help you achieve what others say cannot be done.

Our team

Our specialist's are among the most talented in the world. If you want to be the best you need to train with the best.




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